We want motorists to enjoy driving. Our products help make drivers feel confident and are the best in vehicle maintenance.
Below is a selection of products available in South Africa.
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Built for


Workshop equipment designed and built for professional environments.


Performance bulbs

Upgrade vehicle lighting with whiter or brighter headlights. The Xenon200 is our brightest headlamp bulb, which puts 200% more light on the road, for better, safer driving with a crisp, high spec brighter, whiter look. The Xenon5000 gives a whiter look, for more comfortable night time driving and a better match to LED DRLs.


High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs are now being fitted as standard to many vehicles. They give bright, white light output - and have a long life (around 3000 hours). Unlike conventional auto bulbs, they don't have a filament, so they aren't as easily damaged by the vibrations from your vehicle. HIDs require specialist fitting. Unlike conventional auto bulbs, they don't have a filament, so they aren't as easily damaged by the vibrations from your vehicle, and whiter and brighter upgrades are also available.

Accessory Lighting

Practical and stylish additional lighting solutions to upgrade the look of your vehicle or increase your visibility at night or in poor weather conditions. From the latest Daytime Running or Daytime Styling lamps to additional driving lamps, Ring has a solution for your needs.

Standard bulbs

Ring has a comprehensive range of 12V bulbs, with a reference to fit the majority or makes and models of vehicles. All our bulbs are OE standard, and E marked where applicable.

Dash Cameras

Protect yourself with a dash camera. Provides essential evidence in the event of a collision, and help protect yourself from insurance fraud. Ring's range all feature Start/Stop to prevent them draining the battery, G-sensor sensor technology and full colour screens, as well as GPS and excellent night performance in the RBGDC200.

In-car 12V Power

Drivers need more than just transport from their cars: getting power on the move is an essential for modern motoring. Charging and powering from your vehicle will help you stay connected and complete tasks when on the road - without the need for mains power.

Battery care

Battery technology is becoming more advanced – and more expensive. To help maintain vehicle batteries – and help them last longer – Ring has developed a range of high performance smart chargers. These are fully automatic, multi-stage and charge, protect and repairs vehicle batteries.

Tyre care

Tyres are the only part of the vehicle that makes contact with the road – which is why they are so important. Ring’s award-winning tyre care range combine high performance with easy to use features. The range includes tyre inflators, tyre gauges and tyre repairs kits.