Designed with the professional in mind

Professionals need equipment that can withstand tough workplaces. Ring's range of garage and workshop equipment is extensively tested to ensure that it performs to the high level expected, and is robust enough to last.

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Inspection Lighting that Lasts

Ring was one of the first companies to pioneer and introduce LED inspection lamps for workshops and garages. In our ISO_9001-accredited laboratories, we put all our inspection lamps through their paces. We test their light output, battery life and consistency, carry out drop tests, check the IP rating and charging performance. All this ensures that our lamps can survive - whatever they go through.

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Professional Battery Tools

Modern vehicle batteries often feature advanced technology, and are put under a great deal of pressure from vehicle electronics. Ring's range of professional battery tools help diagnose, repair and recharge batteries, to ensure better performance and longer life. All Ring's battery maintenance range is designed for intensive, long-term use in workshops, fleet yards and other professional environments.

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Battery Care

Quickly diagnose battery faults, repair and recharge to improve battery performance and prevent battery failure. An essential for modern vehicles with a high level of in-vehicle electronics.”

Inspection Lighting

Get light where you need it, even in the darkest of workshops, with Ring's range of award-winning inspection lamps. With a lamp to suit every need, from small pocket lamps, to inspection torches and under bonnet lamps. Our lamps are multi-award winners, and are proven to perform in even the toughest workshops.

Commercial In-Vehicle Power

Having a reliable source of mains power while working remotely is often vital in commercial vehicles. The PowerSourcePro and PowerSourcePure range of commercial grade inverters provide an AC mains power source from the vehicle battery, allowing operation of mains powered electrical equipment on the move.